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Revolutionizing Communication Beyond Text: A Comprehensive Overview

Our cutting-edge, multi-language communication software takes instant messaging to a whole new level, offering a rich and versatile platform for seamless interactions. From traditional text messages to dynamic image sharing and hyperlinks, our software is designed to enhance communication across various mediums.

ECS Clincial Key Features

Instantaneous Chat Communication: Real-time Messaging for Quick & Efficient conversations

Multimedia Messaging:
Image Sharing: Share images effortlessly within the chat interface, enhancing the visual aspect of your conversations.
Hyperlinks: Embed hyperlinks directly in the chat, allowing users to easily access external content without leaving the application.

Voice Audio Clips:
Record and Send: Users can record voice audio clips directly within the chat, adding a more personal and expressive dimension to their messages.
Playback Control: Recipients can control the playback of audio clips, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

AI-Driven Speech-to-Text Dictation:
Speech Recognition: Leverage AI-driven speech recognition for hands-free communication. Users can dictate messages, and the software accurately converts spoken words into text.

Group Chat and Collaboration:
Multiple Participants: Engage in group conversations with multiple participants, fostering collaboration and team communication.
File Sharing: Share images and other files directly within the group chat for efficient collaboration.

Platform Compatibility:
Cross-Platform Support: Access the messaging capabilities seamlessly across various devices and operating systems, ensuring a consistent user experience.
Customizable Notifications: Users have the flexibility to customize notification settings, ensuring they stay informed without unnecessary disruptions.

Sophisticated Instant Messaging Software

ECS Clinical is a sophisticated instant messaging software designed for urgent and important messages, ensuring a secure and efficient communication channel. Tailored for professionals and organizations that prioritize prompt responses, ECS Clinical combines SMS text messaging with robust acknowledgment and callback functionalities.

SMS Text Messages:

Instant Delivery: Send SMS text messages for urgent and critical communication, ensuring rapid delivery to recipients' mobile devices.
Secure Link: Messages include a secure link that recipients can click to access the full message details, maintaining confidentiality.
Optional Callback Number: SMS Text message senders can choose to includes a callback number, allowing recipients to respond via smart phone or initiate voice or video calls directly from the message interface.
Convenient Response: Users can respond promptly to urgent messages by initiating callback communication with the sender.

Acknowledgment and Chat:

Read Receipts: Senders receive real-time notifications when their messages are viewed, creating transparency about the status of urgent communications.
Acknowledgment Feature: Recipients can acknowledge receipt of the message, providing an immediate response that the sender can track.

Multifaceted Communication:

Chat Functionality: Engage in text-based conversations within the messaging interface for quick exchanges of information.
Voice Calls: Initiate voice calls directly from the message, ensuring efficient communication when a detailed conversation is needed.
Video Calls: Seamlessly transition to video calls for face-to-face discussions, adding a personal touch to urgent matters.

Visual Confirmation:

Message Status Indicators: Senders can visually track the status of their messages, distinguishing between sent, delivered, viewed, and acknowledged statuses.
Time Stamps: View time stamps to understand when messages were sent, delivered, and acknowledged, facilitating a closed communication loop.
High-Priority Tagging: Users can tag messages as high-priority, signaling the urgency of the communication and ensuring that recipients prioritize their attention.

User-Friendly Interface:

Intuitive Design: The interface is designed for user-friendliness, making it easy for both senders and recipients to navigate and respond promptly.
ECS Clinical Messaging revolutionizes urgent communication by combining the immediacy of SMS with advanced features for acknowledgment, callback, and visual confirmation. Whether it's an important update, or time-sensitive information, ECS Clinical ensures that important messages are handled with the speed and security they demand.

A Comprehensive Communication Experience

ECS Clinical is an innovative instant messaging software application designed to foster seamless collaboration among individuals and groups. Beyond traditional chat and SMS messaging, ECS Clinical empowers users to effortlessly transition from instant messaging to voice calls, video calls, and screen sharing for a comprehensive communication experience.

Voice Calls:
One-Click Transition: Convert from text messaging to voice calls with a single click, enabling users to add depth and nuance to their conversations.
Crystal-Clear Audio: Enjoy high-quality voice calls for a reliable and immersive communication experience.

Video Calls:
Face-to-Face Communication: Seamlessly transition to video calls to enhance communication with visual cues and a personal touch.
Group Video Calls: Conduct video conferences with multiple participants for effective team meetings and collaboration.

Screen Sharing:
Dynamic Collaboration: Share screens during a call, allowing users to showcase presentations, collaborate on documents, and provide real-time demonstrations.

User-Friendly Controls:
Intuitive Interface: The software features an intuitive and user-friendly design, making it easy for users to navigate between messaging, voice calls, video calls, and screen sharing.
Quick Access Buttons: Access instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, and screen sharing functionalities through easily accessible buttons within the chat interface.

Group Collaboration Tools:
Document Sharing: Collaborate on documents and files within the messaging interface, fostering teamwork and efficient project management.

Call History and Logs:
Record of Interactions: Maintain a comprehensive log of calls and messages, enabling users to track communication history effortlessly.
ECS Clinical redefines collaboration by seamlessly integrating instant messaging with voice calls, video calls, and screen sharing. Whether it's a quick chat, a detailed discussion, or collaborative work on shared information, ECS Clinical ensures that teams can communicate and collaborate effectively within a unified platform.

Search for Contacts Using Filters

ECS Clinical Messenger is a specialized instant messaging software designed exclusively for healthcare professionals, providing a sophisticated platform for seamless communication. One of its standout features is the ability to search for contacts based on healthcare facility, department, clinical role, and specialty, empowering users to connect with the right experts effortlessly.

Intelligent Contact Search:
Advanced Filters: Users can search for contacts using filters such as healthcare facility, department, clinical role, and specialty, allowing for precise and targeted results.

Healthcare Facility Filter:
Hospital, Clinic, or Practice: Users can filter contacts based on the healthcare facility, ensuring they connect with professionals within their own organization or affiliated institutions.
Network Expansion: Easily discover and communicate with professionals from other healthcare facilities within the enterprise for collaborative efforts or cross-institutional consultations.

Department and Clinical Role Filters:
Specialized Departments: Find contacts within specific departments, streamlining communication with professionals from various medical specialties.
Clinical Roles: Identify contacts based on clinical roles such as physicians, nurses, administrators, and support staff, ensuring the right personnel are reached.

Specialty-Based Search:
Medical Specialties: Users can search for contacts based on medical specialties, allowing for targeted communication with experts in specific fields (e.g., cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics).
Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Encourage collaboration across different specialties by easily identifying and connecting with professionals from diverse medical backgrounds.
Seeking Expertise without Names: Users can search for expertise even if they don't know the specific individuals they are looking for, fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Real-Time Availability Status:
Online/Offline Indicators: Users can see the real-time availability status of contacts, enhancing the chances of connecting with professionals when they are actively using the platform.
ECS Clinical Messenger not only facilitates instant communication but also transforms how healthcare professionals discover and connect with each other. By offering intelligent search features based on healthcare criteria, the platform promotes efficient collaboration and ensures that users can find the right expertise, fostering a culture of shared knowledge and expertise within the healthcare community.

Provides an Efficient Way to Broadcast Important Announcements

ECS Clinical Messenger is a powerful instant messaging software designed to enhance internal communication within enterprises. One of its standout features is the incorporation of banner messaging, providing organizations with an efficient way to broadcast important announcements, updates, and alerts across the entire enterprise.

Banner Messaging System:
Broadcast Important Information: Administrators and authorized users can send banner messages that are prominently displayed at the top of the messaging interface for all users to see.

Visual Impact:
Banner messages grab users' attention, ensuring that critical information is noticed promptly. ECS Clinical Messenger with banner messaging elevates internal communication within enterprises, providing a centralized platform for impactful announcements and updates. With its customizable features, the software ensures that important information reaches the right audience in a timely and visually compelling manner.

Build & Manage Groups Effortlessly

ECS Clinical is an intuitive instant messaging software designed to simplify the process of building and managing collaboration groups. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, it empowers users to create and manage groups effortlessly, fostering efficient team communication and collaboration.

Group Creation Wizard:
Intuitive Interface: Users can easily create collaboration groups through a step-by-step wizard that guides them in defining group settings, permissions, and preferences.

Centralized Communication:
Each collaboration group has its own discussion board for threaded conversations, ensuring that all relevant discussions are centralized.

Media Sharing:
Share documents, images, and files within the group discussion board for efficient collaboration.

Switch Between English and French Seamlessly

ECS Clinical is an innovative instant messaging software designed to cater to users who communicate in both English and French. Recognizing the importance of language diversity, this platform ensures a seamless experience for users who switch between English and French.

Bilingual Interface:
Dynamic Language Switching: Users can effortlessly switch between English and French within the interface, allowing for a personalized experience based on language preferences.

User-Friendly Icons:
Clearly marked language icons indicate the current language setting, making it easy for users to identify and adjust as needed.
Individual Language Preferences: Each user can set their preferred language in their profile settings, ensuring that messages, notifications, and system prompts are displayed in their chosen language.

Cloud-Native and Optimized for Smartphones

ECS Clinical Messenger is a cutting-edge instant messaging software designed to be cloud-native and optimized for smartphones. Tailored for the demands of modern communication, it seamlessly integrates with cloud services and offers a user-friendly experience on smartphones, ensuring accessibility and efficiency.

Cloud-Native Architecture:
Scalability and Flexibility: Built on a cloud-native architecture, ECS Clinical Messenger ensures scalability to handle growing user bases and flexibility to adapt to evolving communication needs.

Real-Time Updates:
Cloud-based storage facilitates real-time syncing of messages and data across devices, ensuring users have the latest information.

Smartphone Optimization:
Intuitive Mobile Interface: The user interface is optimized for smartphones, providing a seamless and intuitive experience on both Android and iOS devices.
Touch-Friendly Controls: Swipe gestures, touch controls, and responsive design elements enhance usability on mobile devices.

Voice and Video Calls:
HD Voice Calls: Crystal-clear voice calls are optimized for mobile networks, providing high-quality communication even in varying network conditions.
Mobile-Optimized Video Calls: Smooth and optimized video calls adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions on smartphones.

Continuous Conversation:
Ensures a continuous conversation experience, even when switching between devices.

End-to-End Encrytion and HIPPA Compliant

End-to-End Encryption:
Ensuring user privacy and data security, our software employs end-to-end encryption, in transport and at rest, for all communication, providing a secure environment for sensitive discussions.

ECS Clinical Messenger prioritizes healthcare data security and compliance, ensuring that communication aligns with industry standards such as HIPAA.


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